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Punny game February 8, 2009

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Modi & I were talking on the phone yesterday, discussing movies.

Modi: Yeah, so I watched ‘Die Hard’ yesterday.

Me: Oh, how is it? I’ve never watched any of those movies.

Modi: Really? I think they’re pretty good.

Me: What about ‘Die Hard with a Vengeance’? What a stupid name for a movie. I mean ‘Die Hard’ ‘with a vengeance’. Thu.

Modi: … Yeah, I guess it’s a silly name, but it’s a good movie.

Me: What about LFODH? ‘Live Free or Die Hard,’ it seems. Why don’t the producers come up with a slightly more sensible name?

Modi: No. That’s a terrible piece of crap. It’s one of those movies that’s all about the computers, and then gets it horribly wrong. Not one technical thing is correct.

Me: I HATE those movies. Sort of like the VB GUI clip from CSI: New York.

Modi: Yeah, like that. Besides, it’s not made in the same mould as the previous Die Hard movies. Not at all like them, it really annoyed me.

Me: (with obvious delight writ large in my voice) So, hmm, it’s probably not for a die-hard fan, eh?

I was waiting to say that from the start of the conversation.

Modi: Uh… macha, you’re a dumbfuck da.